• In Search for Kopitiam Aroma

    In Search for Kopitiam Aroma

    As you may have known from this blog, I spent a fairly amount of time in Singapore, and its culture has a special place in my heart. One of the many things I miss is the Singapore kopi (coffee) and kopitiam (coffee shop). In Singapore (and Malaysia), kopi is actually not a plain coffee. It […]

  • Recording Attendance

    Recording Attendance

    As a lecturer, one of my responsibilities is to record students’ attendance. At least for me, this data can be used later to determine whether I should give lenience to some of them in special circumstances. COVID-19 changes that definition of “attending”. One can just show up at the beginning of a virtual class then […]

  • Yes, I will fix your computer (for $250/hour)

    We, computer programmers, all have this mantra: “No, I will not fix your computer”. It made sense, because we study hard to solve complicated problems, that is solvable by having a machine works for us. Fixing computers and networks are the job for the IT people. It was engrained to me when I graduated and […]

  • Sentul Meeting: My First Travel in COVID-19 Situation

    Sentul Meeting: My First Travel in COVID-19 Situation

    I noticed two extremes in how my acquaintances respond to COVID-19 stay at home notice. At one end, those who stay at home as much as possible like there is zombie apocalypse. At the other end, those who think that social distancing is nonsense and COVID-19 is a conspiracy. This story is for those who […]

  • Hacking for good or evil?

    My employer started asking their employees to perform online attendance recording during this work from home period. Basically I just need to login to a website and confirm my attendance. As a developer, it is easy for me to create a computer script that runs every morning and simulate me clicking the buttons to perform […]

  • Guest Post: Desmond School Day

    Guest Post: Desmond School Day

    This is a guest post from my son. Not translated to English. Please ask Bing / Google Translator to do it for you. Thanks. Yang kesatu: belajar. Yang kedua: makan. Yang ketiga: berenang. Udah. Hari ini belajar ca ci cu ce co. Habis itu bermain. Bermain lego. Setelah itu menjahit. Habis itu main miniset bunga. […]

  • Jakarta and Malang Trip

    Jakarta and Malang Trip

    Every year, our team at PT DNArtworks Komunikasi Visual spend a few days for company outing outside our city of residences. The team itself is split into Jakarta and Bandung team. While in previous years we met at our destination, this year we met at Jakarta, and flew together to Malang. The Bandung team, seven […]

  • Glamping at Ciwidey

    Glamping at Ciwidey

    ? Klik untuk versi Bahasa Indonesia The faculty I work at has a yearly schedule of paid vacation together. The last time I took part at this kind of vacation was to Singapore in 2015. Normally employees are allowed to bring family members along, but may or may not need to pay, depending on the […]

  • Singapore with Family

    Singapore with Family

    After a few years, I finally had a chance to visit this red dot again. This time complete with my wife Yun, two kids Des and Pat, and in-law Tan; for summer holiday. Bringing a daughter of 7 months, staying in budget hotel was no longer an option. Interestingly enough, when searching for a place […]

  • Kereta Api Priority Class

    As you may have known, PT Kereta Api Indonesia launched Priority class for at least a few months back. It is intended to be better than already good executive class, and only available on selected time / destination. The price is twice the the price executive class (+/- IDR 250.000,- for Jakarta-Bandung one way) so […]