Run to Work

In Singapore, I used to run from troubles – literally. Working and studying for master degree is a hectic job, hence I run to release the stress. Starting from a simple 1 km run, I gradually improved until managed to run 7 km once or twice weekly. At that time, I either run in parks… Continue reading Run to Work

East Coast Park Cycle

As a human being, I need cardio exercises regularly to keep the blood flow in the highway. However, due to my knee injury, it’s not recommended for me to do jogging, except a very light one. One alternative is to cycle, for which I have tried to do it in gym. However, riding a static… Continue reading East Coast Park Cycle

Clementi Sports Hall

This government-subsidized sport center provides many facilities such as badminton courts, pingpong tables, and even gym. Gym may not as good as California Fitness nor Fitness First, but has enough equipment for people to build muscles or merely aerobic excercises. The best thing is the price. On weekdays it’s only $2.5 per entry, compared to… Continue reading Clementi Sports Hall

SCC Rugby Sevens 2008

I was informed about the event few days before. It is in fact an annual event, inviting teams from many countries (mostly eastern side of the world) to play the Sevens-style of rugby. The game itself is very short. One game consists of 2 x 7 minutes (10 minutes for the final). Therefore the whole… Continue reading SCC Rugby Sevens 2008