After Singapore

I would walk 500 miles and I would walk 500 more

Buona Vista Swimming Complex

When I wrote this post, I just went back from that swimming complex.

Having the place near to Holland Village, expect to see some bule (caucasians) to swim there. First thing came to my head was the pool is very small. Though it has an olympic sized pool (and one kids one), the complex lacks of canteen and shelter. So you can only put your belongings in beach-style chairs provided, hoping there’s no rain. Lockers of course provided for 20-40 cents. If you are too shy to show your “thing” to public, better to not wash here after swimming. The washing rooms are not equipped with doors and there are hardly any hanger. So you wash there, then walk naked to the small table where you put your clothings. Of course males and females are separated, and my report only based on male room. But may be it’s good for.., you know, people who likes the same sex.


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