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Jurong East Swimming Complex

Despite its name, the swimming complex is nearer to Chinese Garden MRT rather than Jurong East MRT.

With slightly more expensive price ($2 for the weekends), the swimming complex provides you all the facilities to have fun as well as for excercise. Do not forget to put aside $5 from your locker, as you may need it to rent a float to use two of the three slides they have. I forgot the height, but it’s quite high! For the lowest slide, you don’t need a float; but (at least for me) it’s more exhilarating because you feel your body going down in high-speed with hardly anything you can do about it (compared with float where you can grab it).
Other facilites are stream pool, jacuzzi, children playing area, and wave pool (which operates +/- 15 minutes every one hour). The complex also provide pretty good olympic size pool, so you can excercise as well as having fun in this swimming complex.
With all the facilities, no wonder a lot of people swimming here. I feel bad to my girlfriend if I swim here, but if you are single (and looking), this is a good place to look: pretty girls in bikini and guys with sexy body are included in this “a lot of people”.


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