Ping? Pong!

This post is just to let you know that I am still alive. I have been occupied with a lot of activities for my startup project with my friend Budi; and other small stuffs (relocation, catechism, etc…). Unfortunately that means lower priority to maintain this blog. And as wise men say, a picture worth a… Continue reading Ping? Pong!

Malacca Trip

It will take sometime until I can post a nice article, if any. The quality of mobile internet connection is Indonesia is not as good as in Singapore, and I am practically a nomad for a few moment now. I really want to tell some interesting stories about my adaptation to the new life, but… Continue reading Malacca Trip

2 Hours of Graduation, 8 Days of Fun / Part 2 – Road Trippin’

This is part two of the story. You can read the first part here. After spending quality time in Singapore, It was time to go back to Indonesia. I went to Bandung with my girlfriend using an AirAsia flight. Still having euphoria from the celebration, I spent a bit more of money by booking the… Continue reading 2 Hours of Graduation, 8 Days of Fun / Part 2 – Road Trippin’

The Amazing Races

Justin Bieber Fans at Soekarno Hatta There are two ways to react to disturbances in your travel. One is to curse, of course. The other one is to enjoy it as a challenge, as the people in the Amazing Race game. This easter, I went for a short trip to Indonesia and had an opportunity to appreciate that… Continue reading The Amazing Races