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  • Indonesia Trip (Part 1)

    The immigration officer laughed at me for a while, then she got busy again serving another passengers. Yes, I was there in the Singapore immigration, at the automated clearance gate to be exact. My friend just told me recently that as a Singapore permanent resident, I have the priviledge to pass the immigration gate through […]

  • Indonesia Trip (Part 2)

    (continued from Indonesians don’t really like to take public bus for inter-city travel, unless they want to save money. Instead, private companies sell services to transport people from one city to another using minivans. Very similar concept with public buses, only better. And more expensive. Locally they are simply called travel. I took one […]

  • Johor Trip 2009: The Zon

    The clock showed 10.40 am, and I was sitting inside the examination room at NUS. I was doing the last exam of this semester, for the subject “Network Security and Management”. I saw several people had come out, it seemed easy. Myself, I’ve answered all questions, but was not having 100% assurance they would satisfy […]

  • Johor Bahru

    In contrary to popular belief, going to Johor Bahru from Singapore is inexpensive and hassle-free for Indonesians (and other ASEAN countries nationality). To go there, you can take a bus from either Jurong East, Kranji, or Woodlands MRT. I usually take SBS170 from Kranji. The price is around $1 per ride. Expect some congestion in […]