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Warung Kopi Purnama

Warung Kopi Purnama
Warung Kopi Purnama

It was quite a hot day, when I and my wife explored Jalan ABC in Bandung for a new water dispenser (Jalan ABC is known for the abundant electronic shops). We went from one shop to another to get a good bargain, and exhausted us when the time approached noon. We knew we need to have lunch soon.

My wife had the idea to have our lunch at Jalan Alkateri, which is very close to Jalan ABC. It was because Jalan Alkateri is home for the infamous Mie Kocok stall. Unfortunately, after reaching the end of Jalan Alkateri, we couldn’t find the Mie Kocok. Instead, we found a small cafe called Warung Kopi Purnama.

As we got inside, I found a certificate from TripAdvisor. “This must be a good cafe”, I thought. The cafe interior bears the theme of Indonesia in the 1950’s. I ordered a nasi lengko while my wife had gado-gado. As usual, I looked for coffee options. The waitress offered kopi susu (coffee with milk), but I prefered the plain one. The coffee was quite strong and harsh, similar to those sold at Kopi Aroma Banceuy.

After finishing our meal, we went to the cashier to pay, and found out that the owner of this cafe is sibling to the owner of Warung Ethnic at Jalan Rancabentang. As a lecturer in Unpar, I sometimes went there for lunch and actually they share some similarities at some point.

Jalan Alkateri is quite small and may you may have difficulties parking your car there. As an alternative, you may use public transportation.


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