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Breakfast at Waroeng Ethnic

Waroeng Ethnic (sorry for minimalistic photo)
Waroeng Ethnic (sorry for minimalistic photo)

Semester break was approaching, and I tried to push myself to get a daily dose of exercise. This time, I ran from McDonald’s Setiabudhi to upper Ciumbuleuit. The route was very inclined and just 2.5km already exhausted my breath. And my stomach too.

As for my stomach, I decided to get a breakfast at a nearby café called Waroeng Ethnic who serves both Asian and Western Cuisine. This café had been around for many years, but I almost never went there for breakfast. It was actually one of the few cafés that open in the morning.

For this occasion, I ordered a steamed wheat bread with kaya jam and teh poci (tea in a pot). It took about 5 minutes wait for the tea to come, and another 10 for the bread. It was okay to wait, thanks to the serenity of the surroundings in the café. The café was actually divided into two sections: the upper deck which is closer to the main road and easier to access by foot, and the lower part inside a house which is easier to access from the parking lot. Apparently, more people coming with a private vehicle, leaving the upper deck pretty quiet.

Okay, now about the food. They served me 2 (or maybe 3?) slices of warm wheat bread, partially cut in small rectangle shapes. The kaya jam is on top of the bread, and it was rather an Indonesian style (with pandan taste), rather than the Singaporean no-pandan version. For tea, they used a Lipton’s Yellow Label. It was a good bargain for its price of Rp 6.000,-, considering yellow label is rather difficult to find in Bandung and only available in upclass supermarkets. However, the portion of one pot (serves about 3-4 cups) was too much for one person.

That bread and tea cost a mere Rp 20.000,-. Though a bit expensive for breakfast, I think it is understandable considering the quality of the food.

Waroeng Ethnic is located at Jalan Ranca Bentang, 300 meters from the main road Jalan Ciumbuleuit. You can take angkot and stop at the main road, then a little walking exercise to the café. Be aware though, that the angkots there only operates on (more or less) 6.00 to 17.00 local time.