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  • Breakfast at Waroeng Ethnic

    Semester break was approaching, and I tried to push myself to get a daily dose of exercise. This time, I ran from McDonald’s Setiabudhi to upper Ciumbuleuit. The route was very inclined and just 2.5km already exhausted my breath. And my stomach too. As for my stomach, I decided to get a breakfast at a […]

  • Warung Kopi Purnama

    It was quite a hot day, when I and my wife explored Jalan ABC in Bandung for a new water dispenser (Jalan ABC is known for the abundant electronic shops). We went from one shop to another to get a good bargain, and exhausted us when the time approached noon. We knew we need to […]

  • Somerset Food Night

    Few days back, my friend Handy told me that there is a nice padang* restaurant near Somerset MRT, namely The Warung M Nasir (WMN). Well, it’s Saturday night and I don’t want to spend my weekend at home, so I asked him to have our dinner there. We were supposed to meet at 7PM, but […]

  • Lau Pa Sat

    Sorry for not posting lately, I’ve been busy with school. I did try to write some reports, but most of the time interrupted with my assignments. In the end, I was already bored or forgot the details of the event so I just discard them. Here’s an article on culinary spot. I’ll try to keep […]

  • Khansama Tandoori Village

    This is one good Indian Restaurant I found in Singapore. Well, if you don’t like Indian food/style, don’t go here because (at least for me) the food tastes very authentic and the ambience is very India-nish. While waiting for your meal (or eating it), you can watch the Indian dances or listen the music from […]