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Singapore MRT Tips: Get a Seat from Airport to City

It’s been a very long time since my last post. During my semester term at NUS, it’s practically impossible for me to write a story.

Anyway, just a short post on a tip to get a seat in the MRT (Singapore’s train system) when you land at Changi Airport and want to go towards the city. As you may know, from Changi Airport, the only train available is the “green” line. You will surely be able to get a seat here, since the train in fact departs from Changi Airport.

However, after two stops you will have to switch train in Tanah Merah Interchange. And if you do the same thing as every other people here, most likely you won’t get a seat in the new train, since many people from airport (and possibly from Expo station) will transfer to this train, too. That’s pretty bad especially when you need to bring those heavy bags with you.

The trick very is simple, that to just wait for the 2nd train to come. Most passengers from airport would take the 1st train available for them, therefore occupying the train to city. Since the frequency of the latter is higher, you may get the 2nd connecting train before another train from airport comes; of course with much fewer people.


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