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East Coast Park

To be honest, I don’t really like beaches in Singapore. As you see towards the sea, all you see is tankers (and water). A little exception for East Coast Park, because it has many plenty attractions here.
Many people come for jogging, watersport, cycling, and,.. rollerblading. Given its location that is not easily reachable, only people with private car ofter come here. By public transport, you need to take MRT to Bedok, then take bus #401 to go there. Remember that bus #401 only operates on weekends and holidays, with shorter operating hours (you can see the SBS website for more info).
Last time I went here for playing the rollerblade. My friend kindly took me there by her car, made it faster and easier than public transport. The rental fee was (oops, I forgot.. somewhere between $10-$20 per two hours — we cannot rent one hour only). As other parks in Singapore, this park also provide BBQ pits.
Yet with all the facilities, I still don’t recommend this park if you are a “backpacker-style”. The difficulties to go there is not really satisfied with the attractions. Just go to your nearest park, or visit Batam!


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  1. ~*♥Melody♥*~ Avatar

    Does bus 401 operate on march holidays? and does it bring u directly to east coast park?

  2. Pascal Alfadian Avatar
    Pascal Alfadian

    errr.. too late to answer, sigh.anyway 401 stops nearby if you go there. but when i wanted to go back, the bus stop was a bit far (or i couldn’t find it).march holidays.. hmm, you should know better than me now 😉

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