Glamping at Ciwidey

? Klik untuk versi Bahasa Indonesia The faculty I work at has a yearly schedule of paid vacation together. The last time I took part at this kind of vacation was to Singapore in 2015. Normally employees are allowed to bring family members along, but may or may not need to pay, depending on the… Continue reading Glamping at Ciwidey

Healthier Way to Work

After reading an article about health recently in local newspaper, I decided to add more exercise to my daily routine. It was challenging, given my busy schedule. One alternative I tried today was to stop earlier on my angkot trip to UNPAR, and spent the rest by walking. I stopped at one end of Jl.… Continue reading Healthier Way to Work

St. John, Lazarus and Kusu Island

Last weekend, I stumbled upon an article about Southern Islands in the Singapore Tourism Board’s website. Shortly after reading and googling several other sites, I said to myself “I have to go there!”. These islands are located south of Singapore, and  relatively untouched by civilization, even compared to Pulau Ubin. This Saturday, I have collected… Continue reading St. John, Lazarus and Kusu Island

Pulau Ubin Cycle Trip

Happy Deepavali for all my Indian friends! Often called as festival of light, Deepavali is celebrated every year in Singapore as a public holiday. It fell on Friday this year, and it supposed to be a very good time for me to go home to Indonesia. Unfortunately, I had a group meeting for school project… Continue reading Pulau Ubin Cycle Trip

Singapore Botanic Gardens

Due to its huge size, it may be difficult to find out how to go there. At least that what happened to me and delayed me from visiting this beautiful park. The official website provides me only the bus numbers without departing and alighting points, as well as recommended starting point to walk. However, I… Continue reading Singapore Botanic Gardens

One North Park

There are two ways to go back home from my office. One is to take bus N°198. It usually takes about 30 minutes to go home, including the time required to cross the street, waiting the bus, and walk a bit. The other is to walk all the way. It by average takes 30 minutes… Continue reading One North Park

East Coast Park

To be honest, I don’t really like beaches in Singapore. As you see towards the sea, all you see is tankers (and water). A little exception for East Coast Park, because it has many plenty attractions here. Many people come for jogging, watersport, cycling, and,.. rollerblading. Given its location that is not easily reachable, only… Continue reading East Coast Park