Terms and Conditions

By submitting the form, you agree to the following terms and conditions.


Website owner refers to the owner of this website, i.e. Pascal.

Authorised entities are all entities helping website owner to make the survey works. This includes: blog administrators, cloud provider, and e-mail handler.

Submitter refers to the person who submit the survey.


This terms and conditions applies to the jurisdiction of the country in both website owner and submitter legal nationality, as stated in his/her passport or national ID.

The nationality of website owner is the Republic of Indonesia.

All data submitted through the survey is encrypted using HTTPS, hence only visible to the submitter, website owner, and authorised entities.

Website owner collects the survey data, but will never share individual data to third parties, except authorised entities.

Cost Bearing

Website owner bears the cost to allow submitter participate in this survey, except data cost that is incurred by the submitter.


Submitter agrees to sing one full song by Via Vallen in front of website owner and minimum of five audiences when asked. This rule is negotiable, but website owner has the final decision.

Website owner reserves the right to record such performance and share to social media for up to fifty seconds worth of recording.


Website owner may present to third parties: summarised and/or anonymised result of the survey.