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  • 2 Hours of Graduation, 8 Days of Fun / Part 2 – Road Trippin’

    This is part two of the story. You can read the first part here. After spending quality time in Singapore, It was time to go back to Indonesia. I went to Bandung with my girlfriend using an AirAsia flight. Still having euphoria from the celebration, I spent a bit more of money by booking the […]

  • 2 Hours of Graduation, 8 Days of Fun / Part 1 – The Fine City

    After 2.5 years of part time study in NUS, I have finally got the right to retrieve my master degree and participated in the graduation ceremony. The ceremony, or “commencement”, is one thing, but it was the time where people who are close to me came to Singapore to celebrate with me. And this serious […]

  • Jakarta & Bandung Trip 2011

    After finishing my last semester in NUS, it was time for a long break! This time, I visited Jakarta and Bandung for about 9 days. A luxury I couldn’t get during the semester term. First stop was Jakarta. I took a flight in the morning from Singapore, and arrived around noon. After landed, I searched […]

  • Travel Marathon Recap

    That five weeks has been very interesting to me. I’ve flown four different return trips (two were company paid), to five cities in four countries, using five different airlines. At some point I felt like George Clooney in Up in the Air movie. Two of my journeys were recorded in my blog, but I don’t […]