Red Dot Design Museum

Just after my visit to the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple & Museum, I went to a nearby museum namely the Red Dot Design Museum. It exhibits various award-winning industrial designs, as well as sell them in the museum shop. There’s not much to tell here, just the fact that the museum was relatively small, but… Continue reading Red Dot Design Museum

Singapore Biennale 2011

Biennale is Italian for “every other year”. In Singapore, the word is taken to name a bi-yearly art event that is held in various places. When I said various places, it did really vary. In this year biennale, it took place at a museum, abandoned airport, as well as the merlion statue near Esplanade Theater (which many… Continue reading Singapore Biennale 2011

NUS Museum

After giving up persuading my friend to go to CSI Exhibition ($20 for geek stuff, too expensive!), I finally decided to go to NUS (National University of Singapore) Museum instead, alone. It’s funny that I have been taking the master course for 2 years here in NUS, but only recently I visited the museum. The… Continue reading NUS Museum